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Widow of Ex-NFL Player (Will Smith) Tells Court How Humvee Driver Shot Her Husband Dead

NFL Will Smith

*The widow of retired NFL star Will Smith explained in court on Tuesday that a Humvee driver shot and killed him during a road rage attack.

Racquel Smith took the stand at the murder trial of her husband’s killer Cardell Hayes in New Orleans, and the mother of three revealed how she thought she had defused the argument that broke out after Hayes’ Hummer rear-ended Smith’s Mercedes SUV on a busy street last April.

When the men got out of their cars to challenge each other, Smith described giving her husband a “look” that reminded him of their three children, an act she said helped diminish his anger.

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Cardell Hayes

“I thought it was done and I think he thought it was over, too,” she testified as she was questioned by New Orleans Assistant District Attorney Laura Rodriguez.

Smith said she then heard two gunshots and did not realize she had been shot.

“I hear a pop, pop,” she said. “I didn’t think it was me.”

Mrs. Smith stumbled around to the other side of their car and heard more gunshots – the ones she learned later had killed her husband.

“I didn’t do anything for you to shoot me,” she told Hayes.

Smith’s recollection of the shooting contradicts what was outlined by the defense who claim her husband was the aggressor. She told the court that her husband did nothing to provoke the gunfire and that Hayes “didn’t have to do that to my baby.”

The defense claimed Hayes was threatened by Smith and his friends, who were traveling together in three cars. Attorneys on both sides have suggested that Louisiana’s “stand your ground” law will be at issue during the trial.

If convicted, Hayes faces life in prison for second-degree murder. He’s also charged with attempted murder for wounding the widow Smith.


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