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Whole Foods Countersues Openly Gay Pastor…For Lying (Watch)

YouTube screenshot of Jordan Brown from cake video
YouTube screenshot of Jordan Brown from cake video

*Well, I suppose this could be a case of “he said, she said” or he said, IT said; seeing as we are talking about a person and a retail chain.

Here we have Jordan Brown, an openly gay pastor from Austin’s Church of Open Doors, who put a video online last week claiming the cake he purchased at Whole Foods was decorated with a homophobic slur. But not so fast, the chain responded after reviewing security footage that tells a different story.

Brown says he did not see the offensive writing, which he said reads: “Love Wins F–,” until he reached his car.

“When I got into my vehicle, I looked inside and saw they had wrote ‘Love Wins F–’ on it,” Brown said in the video. “You can see it nice and clear. Also, it is still in a sealed box. As you see, I have not opened up this box yet.”

Of course the video went viral, which was enough to motivate the man to file a lawsuit in which he claimed the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“Pastor Jordan spent the remainder of the day in tears,” the suit reads.The potential for racial, sexual, religious, and anti-LGBT slurs to be written on personalized cakes is high, and Whole Foods knew or should have known that slurs or harassing messages could be written on cakes and then presented to a customer without any oversight or prior warning.”

But Whole Foods didn’t see it that way at all, and filed a countersuit saying that its employees did not write the slur on the cake, the Statesman reports. 

And they say the security footage they’ve got proves it!

Cake with slur

The retailer suggests the good pastor tampered with the cake. Further, they say this was realized after they viewed the footage and saw the clerk had scanned the bar located on top of the box; while Jordan had referenced the bar being on the side.

Read more and watch the video at EURThisNthat.

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