Saturday, May 18, 2024

Tyler Perry, is There Such a Thing as ‘Too Close to Home?’

*Tyler Perry is making history by joining forces with Discovery/TLC and releasing the first 8 episode scripted drama “Too Close To Home.”

In this new series we see what happens when a Southern woman from Happy, Alabama moves to the East coast and begins a new lifestyle in the political world of Washington, D.C. The young woman does some wrong doings and gets involved in a sex scandal in the oval office. She is forced to return to her trailer park lifestyle and hide her wrongs for as long as she can. EUR was at the red carpet screening of “Too Close To Home” in Beverly Hills at the Paley Center.

The show’s cast and creator, Tyler Perry, walked the red carpet sharing their thoughts on the new series and how it was working with one another. Perry spoke on the filming process during the Q&A and revealed the cast was able to film 8 episodes in 8 days!

Accomplishing this great task is something unheard of in the film industry. Many of the cast mates spoke on Perry’s work ethic and how he takes advantage of every minute allowed on set.


When asked what moves and stimulates him, he shared, “all the people working for me in Atlanta is what keeps me motivated and leaving some sort of legacy for my son.”

And like all of Perry productions, “Too Close” has an underlying message, which is …

“No matter where you come or go, no matter how far you try to travel, no matter how far you try to get away from life it all comes back to you. You have to face everything that you’ve left behind in some kind of way. If you didn’t leave it right, if it’s not cleaned up the right way, if it wasn’t done right, some kind of way it’s going to show up in your life again and unfortunately it showed up on the president’s desk and now she’s back in Alabama.”

It goes without saying that Tyler Perry is an individual who’s created his own lane in Hollywood and has taken things to another level. On the red carpet for “Too Close,” actress Golden Brooks from TV One’s “Hollywood Divas” said of Perry:

“I have so much respect for someone who has started from grass roots and created something out of literally nothing.”

The respect for and work of Tyler Perry is being noticed all throughout Hollywood without a doubt. “Too Close to Home” is poised to deliver a drama filled season – as only Tyler Perry can – starting tonight, August 22, on TLC at 9/8c.


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