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WE tv Reality Series ‘Ghosts in the Hood’ to Follow Team of Black Paranormal Investigators (Trailer)

Ghosts in the Hood WE tv
Ghosts in the Hood WE tv

*WE tv has ordered six hourlong episodes of paranormal docuseries “Ghosts in the Hood,” which follows a group of ghost hunters called “O.P.O.” (Office of Paranormal Operations) as they investigate in the areas of Los Angeles that other teams won’t, looking to resolve unexplained issues for their clients.

Again…this is a reality series, not a scripted series.

During the course of the season, the O.P.O. travel to Compton to investigate a haunted funeral home, a downtown L.A. bar that has freaked the staff out so much they won’t work there and a spirit-plagued piñata shop, among other L.A. haunts.

WE tv has scheduled the show to premiere Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017.

The members of the O.P.O. are:

  • Defecia Stoglin, CEO. He created Official Paranormal Operations to help out everyday people who are dealing problems of the supernatural kind.
  • Jasmine Orpilla, verified medium. She speaks to the departed spirits that inhabit the haunted sites.
  • Dave Purdy, technical expert. He builds and creates the gear used to collect evidence of paranormal activity for clients
  • Matty Richards, comedian. Richards provides much-needed comic relief for the group, as well as being O.P.O.’s resident scaredy cat.
  • Maunda Oyin, chief researcher. Oyin digs into the history of every haunting, going to libraries, records offices, even traveling door-to-door in the neighborhoods where they’re investigating.

Watch a promo of the series below:

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