Friday, May 24, 2024

Trump Supporters Attack Soledad O’Brien on Twitter after CNN Interview (Watch)

Soledad O'Brien on CNN's "Reliable Sources"
Soledad O’Brien on CNN’s “Reliable Sources”

*Soledad O’Brien’s Twitter feed was bombarded by angry Donald Trump fans Monday after she appeared on her old network to discuss the media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign, and accused cable news in particular of promoting his hate speech for ratings, reports TV Newser.

“If there’s any lesson to be learned, it’s, ‘Wow, over-the-top hateful speech brings a really interested angry audience, this is genius, we should do this more often,’” said the former CNN anchor, echoing what she believes is the thought process inside many newsrooms.

O’Brien said news execs will “have to figure out a way to rile people up and make them angry because that’s something that cable news can cover really well.”

“I find it very frustrating,” she said. “I believe he was over-covered at the beginning, but now it is ‘he said she said’ all the time. We have lost context. We just cover the back and forth of it.”

After the segment aired, O’Brien got a personal taste of the hate speech she spoke of, courtesy of Trump’s supporters on Twitter.

“So far this morning I’ve been called a c**t, a b**ch and a whore by the good folks on twitter! (And it’s 730 am) Happy Labor Day everybody!!” she tweeted Monday.

Watch below to see what got Trump’s people so riled up:

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