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Tina Campbell Calls Husband’s Cheating Scandal ‘Empowering’

Tina Campbell *Tina Campbell of Mary Mary recently won an NAACP Image Award for her solo album, “It’s Personal”, and fans of the singer know that lately, any opportunity she has to speak about her bounce back from her cheating husband, then she’s going to snatch it and run all the way to the back with it.

“I found out who I really was when my marriage fell apart,” says Campbell, about how she found her Black Girl Magic moment. “It was really hard. That entire season was about my broken marriage. It was empowering for me to go through that in the public eye and then make it to the other side and fall in love again. My husband, who is also an executive producer on our show, was exposed in front of everybody but so was I. There was a lot of prayer and counseling. But now I’m stronger and so is our marriage.”

Campbell’s WE tv reality show “Mary Mary,” with her sister Erica Campbell, returns for a fifth season March 3. The duo’s debut album, “Thankful” (2000), was certified Platinum, while “Incredible” (2002) and “Mary Mary” (2005) were both Certified Gold. They have also won four Grammys.

Atlanta Business Chronicle chatted with Campbell last month about how gospel music can move back into the mainstream and remain relevant in this pop obsessed digital age.

‘’It’s unfortunate because gospel usually makes its way back into the mainstream when there’s tragedy in our country. It’s unfortunate but when people have a devastating experience, they want God. The only thing we’re suggesting is to acknowledge God on the good days not just the days when you lose a loved one, lose a job or are dealing with addiction. God is necessary everyday for love and inspiration to understand that someone is looking out for you. He cares for you.

You can read the full interview here.

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