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‘The Jungle Book’ from Disney: A Childhood Tale Comes Alive

the junglebook(Mowgli_Bagheera)
THE JUNGLE BOOK – (L-R) MOWGLI and BAGHEERA. ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

*Many would say that the Disney’s film, “The Jungle Book,” is a childhood memory brought to life.

This movie, directed by well-known filmmaker and actor, Jon Favreau, depicts a timeless tale of a young boy, Mowgli (played by Neel Sethi), who was raised by a pack of wolves and was forced to leave the jungle when Shere Khan, the domineering tiger, threatened his life. Viewers will find themselves going through an array of emotions while watching “The Jungle Book” as all the animals in the jungle treat Mowgli as one of their own.

EURweb associate Robin Ayers was present during press day when the cast of “The Jungle Book” discussed their perspective roles in the film and how they decided to come on board. Lupita Nyong’o who played Raksha, the mother wolf, talks about her meeting with Jon Favreau.

“He very quietly walked me through his idea for his version of The Jungle Book and what struck me was the compassion with which he was talking about these characters,” she said.

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Favreau spoke about his desire for this version of “The Jungle Book” to feel like a live action film and not an animated film, which is why he tried to get the cast to perform together as much as he could. He stated,

“Part of the key was to get a very conversational performance”, he stated.

From Jon Favreau’s experience as an actor he observed:

“You rely upon your scene partner, and the energy of your scene partner modulates your energy.”

It is certainly clear while watching this exciting film that the energy between all of the cast mates was indeed, in sync.

Look for Disney’s “The Jungle Book “beginning April 15th in theaters near you!

EUR Bonus Coverage:
The live-action “The Jungle Book” will play in 3,100 3D locations and on 376 IMAX screens, with previews beginning on Thursday at 7 p.m. With a budget of $175 million, the film debuted at the No. 1 spot in several Asian and Latin American markets last weekend, for a total of $31.7 million.

There’s no doubt that “The Jungle Book” will dominate the box office this weekend, but analysts and Disney can’t quite agree as to what the take will be.

“Analysts are predicting a $70 million to $80 million opening for the film, but the studio is projecting a more conservative number that falls in the mid-to-high-$60 million range when ‘The Jungle Book’ debuts in 4,028 theaters this weekend,” reports TheWrap.

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