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Tank Talks TGT Break Up, Support from Black Fans and Butt Licking

EURweb Logo*Looks like Tank is guilty of distributing TMI.

The singer, who recently released his new album “SPL2,”stopped by The Breakfast Club on Tuesday morning (Feb. 2) to chat on everything from the breakup of his supergroup TGT with Tyrese and Ginuwine to his lack of financial support for his music from his black fanbase.

Although he didn’t spend much time getting into real specifics surrounding the breakup, Tank did put out that it stemmed from the challenges of working with Tyrese’s demands for more money in light of his success as an actor.

“On a certain level you do kinda have to respect it ‘cause his individual bottom line is different than our bottom line. I get it, I understand it. But it’s the sacrifice of being in a group,” Tank explained.

As the interview continued, Tank touched on his frustration from not having black fans support his music with putting money down to buy his albums. As a result, the singer detailed how he came up with ways to release more mainstream “turn up” songs in an effort to bring folks around to investing financially in his music. To illustrate his point, Tank compared his strategy to Usher’s hit song “Yeah,” the only “turn up” on his 2004 opus “Confessions.”

Shifting gears from that, Tank changed the vibe of the interview in a major way as he weighed in on the state of R&B and being compared to Grammy-winning soul vocalist Sam Smith as well as Kanye West and Amber Rose’s social media TMI on their past sex lives.

To say the TMI expanded in Tank’s personal sexual preferences would be an understatement. To hear singer tell it, unlike Kanye (allegedly), he is all for getting his salad tossed with a tongue instead of a finger.

To see/hear Tank’s Breakfast Club interview, check out the video below:

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