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T-Pain’s Niece Fatally Stabbed Outside Tallahassee Drug Store

T-Pain and Javona Glover
T-Pain and Javona Glover

*The 23-year-old niece of rapper and record-producer T-Pain was fatally stabbed outside of a Walgreens in Tallahassee early Tuesday.

Tallahassee police said that Javona Glover, the mother of a daughter who just turned 2, was bleeding heavily when medical personnel arrived, and that she died shortly thereafter, according to WCTV.

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Police identified the suspect as 25-year-old Tavon Q. Jackson after interviewing witnesses and processing evidence at the scene. A warrant is out for his arrest.

Police have also released surveillance images they say show Jackson at the time of the homicide. See below:

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Police say Jackson’s whereabouts are unknown at this time and TPD is asking anyone with information about him is asked to call the hotline at (850) 891-4298 or if they wish to remain anonymous, call CrimeStoppers at (850) 574-TIPS.

Glover’s aunt told local news station WCTV that she spoke with the officer who’s arms Glover died in. She also said a monster took a beautiful person, who she had just seen Monday, and had no idea that would be the last time.


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“My niece was my everything,” says Glover’s aunt. “That was just like a daughter to me. I’ve always been in my niece’s life. I love that girl. How you kill a innocent person like her? Whatever you were feeling — that’s crazy man. Like, you took my niece.”

Earlier, T-Pain, a Tallahassee native, tweeted a link to a news story about the killing and asked for help identifying the suspect.

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