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Stories of Faith 360: Voices of Truth with Kirk Franklin & LeCrae



*Truth.  It’s the one word in which Christianity finds its foundation, a word the Bible says shall make us free. Yet, in this day in age, as many Christians begin to speak out and speak their truth, it seems to bring more opposition than freedom and more questions than encouragement.

During the past week, Gospel artists LeCrae and Kirk Franklin have been in the news speaking about their feelings regarding racial tensions, specifically as it relates to cases involving police.  On, at least one Christian Network, Kirk Franklin…who expressed his views during an acceptance speech for the Dove Award’s Gospel Artist of Year, had those views edited out by the Network.  Meanwhile, Grammy Award winning Gospel Hip-Hop Artist LeCrae expressed in a recent column for the Huffington Post that he often felt conflicted about expressing his true views on racial issues.  How could this be, considering we are suppose to be a “Voice of Truth” in every area of our lives.


This causes me to reflect on a interview I did months ago with Lecrae…following a concert appearance he made in Tallahassee, FL.  I was interested at the time in knowing what a “Day In The Life’ of LeCrae was like.  He talked briefly about being on the road…and what it means to “Live What You Believe” on a daily basis.  Still, one thing he didn’t mention were his personal encounters he had with police, as stated in his Huffington post column:

 I’ve been pulled over before a show, spoken to like I was less than human, unlawfully searched for drugs, and left to put my destroyed car back together and make it to my show as the cops drove off.” – LeCrae  

This happened, all because, as he went on to say, he fit the description of someone they were looking for. So why is it so shunned within the Christian Community for artists like LeCrae and Kirk Franklin to speak out on issues that reflect the truth in which they live?  Can we not love God and live/express the truth of our lives at the same time?  Recently, I even had to check myself in this political season, to make sure I don’t judge Christians who merely voice their opinions about who they feel should be president.  Are we not people, entitled to our opinions…just like we would if we voice our opinion about a favorite restaurant or sports team, or clothing store, or whether we prefer the beach or the mountains?  I think often times when people become saved and start Living a Life of Purpose, many feel we should be numb to personal experiences/preferences.  The Word we Believe, Preach and Live is universal, but we are individuals with individual experiences and should not be judged for that.  After all, it’s our individuality that makes us more relatable to people and what also makes us human…as God has given each and every one of us a distinct DNA and purpose in this world.  So cheers to those, even when the issues are tough, who choose to express their truth. Let’s not judge them for that…let’s embrace them for having the courage to do it!

Read more of Lecrae’s interview in the Huffington post.

Listen to Kirk Franklin’s full acceptance speech HERE.

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L.Michelle Salvant is a Christian Lifestyle Blogger who started writing the Stories of Faith column back in 2004.  A 19-Year Media Veteran, with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, L.Michelle owns an Online Media Company/Institute which specializes in “A New Type Of Storytelling” which includes Social Storytelling, Capturing Stories through 360 Photos and Presenting Stories through Virtual Reality.

Outside of Media, L.Michelle also serves as a Ministry leader at Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee, FL   She is happily married to SGT.Christopher King Salvant Sr, and they have one son, Christopher King Salvant, Jr. “Peek”  L.Michelle resides in Tallahassee, FL.


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