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Stories of Faith 360: Simply, Life…Matters!

terence crutcher-shooting
Terence Crutcher

*Two words … Terence Crutcher. One Word: Why?

Why do we have to go through this again? An African American man(not resisting authorities) shot down and ultimately killed by a police officer…and it’s all caught on tape. Why, do we have to go through this again, I ask? Clearly, there is a real issue when it comes to African Americans, especially men, and the perception many police officers(mostly of a different race) have of them…but Why, I ask, does this perception lead to lives being taken without a truly valid excuse?

We have lost our human consciousness, and before this Story of Faith, I can’t say I had not fall victim. In fact, I grew up in a home where my Mom experienced murder, first hand…losing her brother abruptly at the hands of another. In fact, my Mom had lost all of her immediate family, not all to violence, but to death in general. Yet, still, for years, I remained numb to the inner pain she truly felt.

Why is that? And how dangerous it that now, with many in positions of authority taking lives so easily and leaving families forever holding the bag. See, after the news story runs its course, there’s a family, a mother, a brother, a sister, a daughter, a son, left holding the bag of memories that is the only thing that remains of those they’ve lost. I, like everyone else, wants a solution. But, my Faith tells me, the answer I’m looking for starts within. Yes, racism is a problem, but even further, a widespread loss of respect or value for Human Life/Purpose…Matters! The truth is when you don’t know or recognize the value of something, than loss of that thing will be of little or no effect to you.

That’s what we see happening over and over again. We are living in an unconscious state of existence…numb to Life & Purpose. My Prayer is that those living in fear and with deep rooted bias would wake up, and become conscious of every Life’s value…not just people who look like or live like you. Life Matters, mine…yours and everyone’s. We have to become more consciousness and pray for others to do the same.

In this Stories of Faith 360 Experience…I learn first hand from my Mom, a victim of losing a family member to violence, what it has meant all these years to move-on and live beyond the pain of loss and embrace hope for the future. Our brief trip together to California this summer, caused me to wake up a little more to Life & Purpose and valuing those around me…before it’s too late.

Note: While watching the experience, be sure to listen to the audio…and move your phone or cursor around the photo to experience every angle of it. You will also notice what’s called “Hotspots” in the photo, you can click them to learn more about the scene you’re viewing. Once the audio concludes and you finish viewing that scene, press the white arrow located somewhere within the image to move to the next scene! Enjoy!!!

SOF: 360 (Life Matters)

About L.Michelle Salvant & Stories of Faith 360

L.Michelle Salvant is a Christian Lifestyle Blogger who started writing the Stories of Faith column back in 2004.  A 19-Year Media Veteran, with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, L.Michelle owns an Online Media Company/Institute which specializes in using New Media technology to tell Stories of Faith. 360 & Virtual Reality technology is the company’s latest area of focus, with a fully Immersive Faith Environment/Network in development (  Outside of Media, L.Michelle also serves as a Ministry leader at Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee, FL  She is happily married to SGT.Christopher King Salvant Sr, and they have one son, Christopher King Salvant, Jr. “Peek”

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