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In step with ‘Gallucci by Oscar Generale’

Gianni Gallucci teams up with King of Product Placement Oscar Generale for stylish new shoe line.
Gianni Gallucci Atelier teams up with King of Product Placement & Hollywood Producer Oscar Generale for stylish new shoe line.

*Gianni Gallucci Atelier is bringing together over 60 years of Italian tradition in designer footwear in a collaboration with Oscar Generale Productions in Los Angeles, in their new line “Gallucci by Oscar Generale.” The synergy between the two Italians has allowed for a new level of excellence in this capsule collection.

This shoe, for the modern man, is characterized by the combination of traditional craft techniques with unconventional materials, to express a classic style with a touch of eccentricity.

Oscar Generale is well known in the Hollywood circuit for linking high end brands with noted celebrities and now he presents his prestigious own shoe line, which is sure to be the next name in the fashion and Hollywood industries which will be all the buzz.

“Gallucci by Oscar Generale”
“Gallucci by Oscar Generale”
Gianni Gallucci decided to undertake such a project with Oscar Generale because of his reputation for having made the success of many international brands in the fashion industry and many others associating A-List American Celebrities such as John Travolta, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Adrien Brody & George Clooney among others, to brands and products obtaining great results in communication, increasing sales and profits.
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