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EUR Exclusive: Ryan Gosling Talks ‘The Nice Guys’ (WATCH)

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*Ryan Gosling steps out of his comfort zone  to deliver the “funny” in Shane Black’s “The Nice Guys.” The movie which hits theaters everywhere May 20 is an action packed comedy that draws you in.

EURweb associate Kiki Ayers caught up with the actor to get the exclusive on how Gosling embodied his character Holland March and to see what went down behind the scenes of making this movie. As he stepped in this role to embrace a comedic side of himself that we’ve never seen before, we asked the 35 year old actor if he felt any pressure to be hilarious.

“I thought there was an opportunity to do a lot of physical comedy which I already wanted to do,” he said. “I didn’t know how that was gonna go over so I didn’t say anything because I thought it was easier to get forgiveness than permission but I was nervous because that first scene we did was that bathroom stall scene.”

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In the movie his character Holland March plays a private investigator that is described as “the world’s worst detective.” We asked him if he had to be a PI in real life if he would be better than his character in the film.

“I have to believe I’ll be better than Holland March. I want to believe that. If you let me,” he laughed.

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His character is also invincible in the film. There’s a least 10 times he should have died from falling down hills, dodging gun shots, and getting hit by cars. He just can’t seem to die. The actor even gave his character the super hero name “Schmuck man.”

Gosling told us he had an amazing time making this movie and hopes that there will be sequel. One that might even be set in the 1980’s this time.

“The Nice Guys,” a Warner Bros. film hits theaters everywhere on May 20. For more information  on the film click here and watch the official movie trailer here.


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