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Ringside Update/ A Rainy Night in Las Vegas: Bradley Vs. Pacquiao


*There were some who disputed that Bradley didn’t win the first one although he was declared the winner. So they did it a second time and the ” Pacman” was the one who at the end of the night held his hands up in the air as the victor and nobody can dispute that.

There’s an old saying folks, that “a third time is a charm.” Well make no mistake about it the “Pacman” did a better job this time around than he did the second time hands down.

In the opening bell this one started off kind of slow with both guys as they were feeling each other out.

In round two the “Pacman” began to connect with several jabs and shots to the body so you kind of got a feel as to where this was heading.

As the fight progressed Bradley started to gain some momentum and began to land solid shots to the head and body of Pacquiao.
In the later rounds from round eight on the “Pacman” started gaining the advantage and landed a vicious right to the top of Bradley’s head and from this writer’s view it looked as if he was losing his balance and started to go down when his hands touched the canvas, thus referee Tony Weeks declared it to be a knockdown.

Going into round nine, Pacquiao hit him with a short left hook that had him tumbling over backwards that left no question in anyone’s mind.
In the final round Bradley tried to come back but it was too little, too late and at the end of twelve all three judges scored the bout the same with a unanimous decision for the ” Pacman”.

The most interesting thing about Saturday night was that while all this was going on inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena with a near capacity crow of some 14,000 plus people, it was storming rain outside and the entrance to the place was nearly flooded. Fortunately the staff and management of the MGM put all hands on deck and nobody knew what was happening outside until it was all over.

Folks a got to tell you something, Manny Pacquiao has accomplished so much in the ring and has been a tremendous credit to the sport.
And now he has closed this chapter in the continuing saga of his life. He now wants to go back to his country and serve his people of the Phillipines. Say what you want to say about him and that fight with Mayweather, our hats certainly go off to him as he continues his journey through life.

The undercard featured a new kid on the block who at 17 years of age thrilled the crowd with his performance. His name is Devin Haney and he went up against a tough and rugged Rafael Vasquez in a four round featherweight contest and improved his record to 5-0.
Folks, he’s certainly someone to watch out for. This kid has got the goods and you are absolutely going to hear and see more of him, I can assure you of that!




And finally folks, Prince Charles Martin went over to the U.K. to defend his IBF heavyweight title against undefeated Anthony Joshua and got knocked out in the second round. Joshua in case you haven’t heard of him is now 16-0 with 16 coming by way of knockout and folks let me tell you something, this guy reminds me so much of the heavyweights of the Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, and Muhammad Ali era when you had big guys that had skills and punching power. This was all telecast live from London on Showtime Championship Boxing in case you missed it.

And all this occurred on a rainy night in Las Vegas.

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked” – Warren Buffett

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Mohammed Mubarak

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