Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Prince’s Half-Brother Alfred Says Sibling Trying to Get Him Declared Mentally Incompetent

Alfred Jackson (L) with his lawyer
Alfred Jackson (L) with his lawyer

*The turmoil plaguing Prince’s siblings as they work out their proper cut of his estate has a new wrinkle, and his name is Alfred Jackson.

According to TMZ, a missing persons report/welfare check was filed Friday for Alfred, who is Prince’s older half brother. According to the report, Alfred is disabled and has been living in a V.A. facility near Minneapolis. The person who filed the police report claims Alfred just walked out of the facility and no one could find him.

TMZ points out that Alfred was in a meeting with Prince’s other brothers and sisters on Thursday, one day before he was reported missing:

We publicized the meeting on the website. It’s odd someone filed a missing persons/welfare check report the next day.

Our sources say Alfred believes the person who filed the report is a sibling who is trying to get him declared mentally incompetent so they can get power of attorney and a second vote in what is turning into a battle over Prince’s estate.

We’re told Alfred and his lawyer, Frank Wheaton, went to the Minneapolis Police Dept. over the weekend to prove he was fully competent. Alfred presented proof he’s got his meds, is taking them and is of sound mind. We’re told the missing persons case is now closed.

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