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Patti LaBelle Unveils New Cobblers and Cakes For Walmart

Pattie's Cakes

*Walmart has announced the release of its latest partnership with Patti LaBelle and her Patti’s Good Life brand of pies and desserts.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the line features peach, mixed berry and apple cobblers (each $6.98), an apple pecan cake ($9.98) and a sweet potato loaf ($4.48). All are available nationwide, except the loaf, which is only available in select stores.

Shout out to Patti LaBelle!

According to the press release, 6.4 million pounds of peaches go into the Patti’s Peach Cobbler. The Tribune sampled everything except the loaf, and noted that the crust of the cobbler “is covered in cinnamon, which is aromatic but actually distracts from the cobbler’s sweetness. Too much cinnamon on the interior turned the tasters off.”

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Patti's Cobblers

The publication also reports that Patti’s Berry Cobbler is “stuffed with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and boysenberries,” and that it’s “the right balance of sweet to tart.” Additionally, the “cobblers are not sold frozen, so they don’t need to be heated to be enjoyed, but heating them through does offer a bit of that “fresh baked” sensation.”

Patti’s Good Life Apple Cobbler has a texture that is “spot on.” The desert is made with Fuji apples that have retained a bit of their tartness, and the filling has a “more balanced mixture of cinnamon and sugar than the peach.”

Patti’s Good Life Apple Pecan Cake was a major turn-off for the tasters because of the “near-impenetrable helmet of buttercream icing and too-rich caramel goo.” The cake itself is a tasty “Southern-style layer cake of Fuji apples and Georgia pecans.”

Overall, the tasters aren’t sure these treats are worthy of breaking out into song over, as James Wright Chanel did after he sampled Patti’s now famous Sweet Potato Pie,  but they do offer “good value and flavor.”

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