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Part-Time Work You Can Do From the Home Office

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*While the Internet is many things to many people, it’s also allowed companies to downsize as technology takes on greater prevalence in the workplace. Still, the World Wide Web has also been responsible for mass job creation across many sectors — that is, if you know where to look.
Of course, many online and work-from-home jobs turn out of to be scams or offer unfair wages. It’s important to not get ripped off for your time and effort when there are plenty of well-paid, legitimate online opportunities available. Here are some great ways you can work from home while doing what you love for some extra income.

Skim the Fat

Back in 2007 the at-home employment boom began. But for every legitimate job posted online, there were 30 scams, according to Rat Race Rebellion. Despite this, there was still, even in 2007, a large demand for workers in a variety of at-home employment fields.

But how do you know if online jobs are a scam? First, educate yourself about online jobs, or the platform you decide to work with. Click on the “About,” or “About Us” page. Does the company have a Facebook and LinkedIn account? Check for pictures of people who work there, as well as accounts that link them to the company.

If you can’t find this information, chances are it’s a scam. If a company provides live online training in which you interact and acquire skills from another employee, this is a good sign the company is legitimate. This type of training would likely be used by a customer service call center or even by an identity theft prevention service, such as Lifelock, which prides itself on customer service.

Great Jobs that Pay

  • Virtual Assistant: You don’t need a formal education for this job; rather, just a personable attitude, high social skills and a keen organizational eye. A virtual assistant could work for a business owner who needs email appointments handled, travel plans managed, or even doctor appointments scheduled for their children. Virtual assistants typically start at around $10 per hour if you work for a staffing agency, but others make upward of $30 per hour when they work directly with clients. You can start down this path easily by posting your services on Craigslist or registering with an agency.
  • Online Reseller: Resellers take many different forms. Purchase products from a manufacturer at a wholesale cost, then resell it online for a profit. Or, you can search for deals online and, in real life, grab up a variety of products at bargain prices, then sell them on sites like Craigslist and Ebay. No matter what kind of reseller you become, whether a professional in skin and body products, vintage goods and clothing, or electronics, you’ll need thorough knowledge of the products you sell. You can also become a certified seller on Ebay, which lends credibility to your profession. Ebay has a variety of reseller options and walk-throughs to get you started.
  • Create and Sell: If you have a passion for arts or crafts, be it painting, jewelry, home decor items, or unique clothing, employ yourself with Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace for those who have an eye for style and are good with their hands. From artisan, smith-made knives and forged items to hand crafted cyberpunk hooded vests and simple beaded earrings, if you have a talent for creation, you should definitely cash in now. Etsy costs just 20 cents per post, and each post lasts four months, or until the item sells. When you sell an item, 3.5 percent is taken by Etsy, which will be added to your monthly bill.

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