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Pam Grier & Fred Williamson Are ‘Streaming Sexy Black’ With New App ‘Brown Sugar’ [EUR Exclusive]

pam grier

*Bounce TV has joined the subscription streaming service world by launching a new app called Brown Sugar, which offers the biggest collection of the baddest African-American movies of all-time. The app is now available for mobile phones and tablets in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store and for computers at

Brown Sugar features an extensive library of cult classics and iconic black movies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s — all un-edited and commercial-free as they were originally seen in theaters. The Mack, Foxy Brown, Shaft, Super Fly, Dolemite, Cotton Comes to Harlem, Uptown Saturday Night, Cooley High, Three The Hard Way, Coffy, Black Caesar, Five on the Black Hand Side, Cleopatra Jones, Mandingo, Willie Dynamite, Which Way is Up?, Car Wash, The Original Gangstas – Brown Sugar has them all.

The app is a black explosion of hot chicks and cool cats such Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Pam Grier — both serve as ambassadors for Brown Sugar, as does fan of the genre, rapper/producer Rick Ross. Check out their commercial for the app via the video below.

Grier became known in the early 1970s for starring in a string of successful women in prison and blaxploitation films like The Big Bird Cage (1972), Coffy (1973), Foxy Brown (1974) and Sheba Baby (1975). She also starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.

“I’m extraordinarily excited about being asked to educated the public… introducing a new audience to pop culture in the African-American community of film, art and music, and you couldn’t learn this in history books,” Grier said during a recent media teleconference. “It would be an unbelievable daunting task to even approach where we’ve been in our pop culture in books. So this, through just the genius of Bounce TV and Brown Sugar the streaming service, you’’ll get to see different genres of African-American films — from the foxy mamas to the righteous revenge movies, she explained.

“You’ll have love stories, like Black Sister’s Revenge, Bad, Black and Beautiful. You’ll have the shakedown movies. You’ll have jive turkey movies. You’ll have black horror. There’s so many different types of genre of the African-American films, not only from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but a style of our culture from music, clothing, hair, gender issues…so, it’s amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this.”

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pam grier

Grier says it was important for her to be a part of this new streaming service because,  as she put it: “I was a part of it.”

“I was a part of me wanting to explore and highlight my community and the women in my community. It stated with Roger Corman films and it went to Black Mama, White Mama, and then they decided that because of the success of my work, I was reflecting on the women in my community — their independence and their strength.  It was really important for, not only for Americans in our communityship, but globally a movement of women being self-sufficient and independent like my mother. She was a nurse and an activist in the community and she became Coffey. I really put her life in the script and it came alive and people resonated. And when you have that, you’ll have success.”

Of all the characters Grier has played throughout her illustrious career, EUR/Electronic Urban Report asked which one would she most like to revisit and play again.

“We’ll, I’d have to turn back the age…the time clock,” she laughs. “I really enjoyed Foxy Brown — the independence and the courage. And today it would be different because there’s more obstacles and more issues that are daunting. And it takes someone who has a lot of confidence. But confidence is knowledge, and in order to do that, you have to be curious about life to build your confidence. My grandfather taught me how to hunt, fish and shoot. I brought that to film. I had him in my life, and not everyone has that.”

She continues, “Often I have to speak, you have to speak, we have to speak for those who can’t. So it would probably be Foxy Brown, but also with Coffy… you’re not sitting on the sideline. You are internally helping — in some way — your community when there are issues of sadness, political and religious oppression, suppression, so it’s encompassing. They’re two different characters. I like Jackie Brown — self-surviving. But I think I’m really community-minded. I like to support Head Start. I recuse animals and train animals for therapy riding approval. So I think it would be Foxy Brown.”

Grier and former football player turned actor Fred Williamson have both worked with director Quentin Tarantino, and when we asked the iconic performer to describe the type of creative energy that Tarantino fosters on the set, Williamson noted that a good director always listens “to the people that you hired to do the job.”

“You don’t tell them what to do. You don’t direct them,” he added. “You know what you hired them for. You know the personality and the character that they have and you allow them that freedom to bring that personality and that character on to the screen. Which consequentially means that some ideas that the actors may have, that incorporates their personality and their character, they can present them to the director and he will listen to them — sometimes. But most of the time they will do them because they know that that’s why they hired you. So the scale for a good director is one who listens to the actors that he hired.”

In addition to Fred and Pam, Brown Sugar will features films starring Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree, Jim Kelly, Godfrey Cambridge, Max Julien, Richard Pryor, Rudy Ray Moore, Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Isaac Hayes, Tamara Dobson, Yaphet Kotto, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Bernie Casey, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Thalmus Rasulala and many others

Brown Sugar offers a free initial trial period for subscribers with a retail price of $3.99/month thereafter.


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