Monday, May 27, 2024

Obama Says He’ll Be Too Emotional to Deliver Speech at Malia’s Graduation

Barack Obama, Malia Obama*First daughter Malia Obama is graduating high school soon, and while lunching at the Jolly Pumpkin Brewery in Detroit this week, President Obama told his lunch companions that he turned down a request to speak at Malia’s graduation because he would be too caught up in the emotions of watching his baby reach a milestone.

“Malia’s school asked if I wanted to speak at commencement and I said no,” the president said. “I’m going to be wearing dark glasses … and I’m going to cry.”

Malia, the president’s elder daughter, is set to graduate this spring from Sidwell Friends School based in the nation’s capital, and then planning to begin her higher education journey later this year.

There’s no word on where the 17-year-old will further her education, but in recent months, she’s been spotted on campus tours of at least a dozen public and private schools, mostly on the East Coast. Among them are six of the eight Ivies and a few with Obama family ties, per

President Obama is a 1983 graduate of Columbia, while mom Michelle graduated from Princeton in 1985. The president and first lady earned their law degrees at Harvard.

Malia’s tour stops included: Columbia University, the University of California, Berkeley; Stanford; New York University; the University of Pennsylvania, Barnard College, Tufts University, Brown, Yale and Wesleyan. It’s estimated that the total cost of her undergraduate degree could top one-quarter of a million dollars for the four years.

Obama said the best advice he’s given Malia regarding her education is “not to stress too much about having to get into one particular college.”

Mrs. Obama has said Malia wants to be a filmmaker, and she spent last summer in New York City interning on the set of HBO’s comedy-drama “Girls.” In 2014, she worked as a production assistant on “Extant,” the now cancelled CBS sci-fi drama featuring Halle Berry.

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