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City Inspection Shows Detroit Public Schools Failing Students

detroit schools protesters

*Kids attending public schools in Detroit are truly getting the short end of the stick when it comes to a quality education.

Reports say the Detroit Public Schools district is failing the children as they are being educated in an environment that harbors issues such as insolvency, corrupt and transient leadership, overcrowding, and harmful environmental conditions

A city inspection found 152 code violations in 11 schools in the school system. Among the violations are atrocious conditions that include the presence of mold and fungus as well as structural deficiencies, vermin and rodents, broken plumbing, and uneven heating.

Fed up with the conditions, teachers, students and those upset with what’s going on have banded together to take a stand against the district and demand changes. A lawsuit filed against DPS by the Detroit Federation of Teachers has filed a suit against DPS and Flint’s embattled Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley. States that, “DPS has not performed its duty to its students, parents, teachers and community to provide a minimally adequate education and to properly maintain the schools.”

The suit goes on to mention that DPS and Earley have allowed the condition of some schools to “deteriorate to the point of crisis.” As a result, the conditions have “forced Detroit’s school-age children to spend their young lives in deplorable surroundings risking their health and safety in the process.”

Earley has come under fire after boldly admitting that although he had prior knowledge of conditions at some of the schools yet, neither he nor DPS have taken action.

As for the students, their situation mirrors that of their parents, who experienced the same issues when they attended DPS. In fact, the parents fully supported their children when they walked out of school this past week in solidarity with their teachers.

While the protests have shined a light on the situation with DPS, Communication & Media Arts Principal Donya Odom has gotten slammed over suspending students after they participated in the walk out at her school. Fortunately for the students, the one-day suspension will not go onto their records.

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