Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New York Life Exec Fired After Calling #BlackLivesMatter Leader ‘Racist Pig W**re’ on Facebook

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*A director at insurance company New York Life lost his j-o-b on Wednesday after sending a threatening message to a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Corey Multer, formerly a managing director at the insurance company, was fired after contacting BLM National Network’s lead communications strategist Shanelle Matthews on Facebook and calling her a “racist pig whore.” Multer also wrote: “The world would be a much better place if you jumped in front of a moving train. Die!”

Matthews posted a screenshot of Multer’s post with the caption: “On Saturday, he sent me this message, I assume because I recently made some explicit comments regarding my views on Zionism with which he observably disagrees. Though giving him the grace he refused me, it could have nothing to do with that…

“What Mr. Multer’s vicious remarks actually say is that my values and beliefs are not only wrong and unvalued but that I deserve to die because of them. The kind of genocidal philosophy that has catalyzed egregious human right’s violations across the world – some of which, I suspect, Mr. Multer staunchly decries. And this kind of white supremacists resentment and cruelty is the very reason we proclaim over and over again that BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Read her entire post below:

Matthews, a journalism grad and former strategist at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), also put Multer on blast via Twitter. New York Life’s official account responded several hours later:

Eventually, New York Life announced that Multer had been terminated. A spokesperson told Daily Dot in an email that his comments to Matthews were “completely indefensible and inconsistent with the values” of the company. “This individual is no longer employed by New York Life.”

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