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Ne-Yo: NOT Performing at Trump Inauguration; ‘It was Just A Joke!’

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Maybe Ne-Yo needs to take a course in comedy ’cause it would appear that he’s not very good at it. We say that because the singer/dancer/actor/producer is now saying that his comments to a TMZ photog about performing for the Donald Trump inauguration was just a JOKE.

The problem is that most folks took him at his word ’cause it certainly didn’t come off as a joke. He said he have no problem doing it because, hey, it’s just a job. Watch the clip:

Now, however, Ne-Yo is saying that folks need to lighten up and it was simply a joke. See his response below:

Meanwhile, since we’re speaking of Trump’s inauguration and the need for musical performers, insiders opened up to TheWrap this week about their concerns. Supposedly the incoming administration is willing to pay six-figures to have the event go off without any glitches.

“They are willing to pay anything,” the source said. “They told me, ‘We’ll pay their fees.’ Most of these artists’ fees are in the six to seven figures.” The insider said the Trump negotiator also offered to pay him for delivering top talent, saying, “Name your price.”

Interesting however, payment to talent has never been a rule for the presidential event. Beyonce and Aretha Franklin were not paid for their respective inauguration performances, with the exception of travel and production costs. Another source familar with the process told the site, “I’ve never heard of talent being compensated nor have I heard of talent recruiters being compensated.”

Trump’s camp denied the claims but didn’t say if any names were confirmed to perform.

“No one with any official position at, or official relationship with, the Presidential Inaugural Committee, is engaging in the conduct described,” said Boris Epshteyn, spokesman for Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee. “We are focused on organizing an exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy while following all rules, regulations and appropriate standards of conduct.”‎

You can get the rest of this story at TheWrap.

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