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Morris Day and the Time Show They’re still Cool! (+ Photos)

morris day-la5
Morris solo: The Time’s lead singer, Morris Day

*In a move some would call prophetic, last December, Thixotix‘s CEO and Founder Tania Capree, booked a ‘Purple Reign’ themed Mother’s Day fashion show and called upon Morris Day and his band, The Time, to be the headlining performance that took place this past Saturday, May 7, 2016 at the Cooper Building in Downtown, Los Angeles.

As Capree prepared the show’s final touches, April 21 brought the sad passing of Prince and the world began to morn.  But not all morning is sad, as Day and Capree used the negative event to inspire as Prince had done in life, boosting the event past the intended vision.

What was once an average event, filled with mostly supporters of Capree, Thixotix models and The Time’s fans, now took on a new vibe as fans of Prince began to take a second look at all products associated with his distinctive sound.  Ticket sales rocketed and the house was packed out to the outer hallways of the spacious Cooper Building’s ballroom.

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The show brought out many from across the city, being boosted by the nostalgia of The Time fans, and former bandmate Prince’s die-hard fans. Many entered the 11th floor of the Cooper Building clad in purple garbs and holding Prince posters given out at the entrance in homage of the late musical genius.

‘Purple Reign,’ Thixotix’s 7th Annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza, began with a fashion show.  The many spectators were treated to a show that exposed one of the hidden gems in the community: the fact that larger women can be beautiful, sexy and confident about themselves and their bodies. They break traditional stereotypes and concepts of beauty by modeling local fashion designers in a sexy, yet respectable way.  The show was segmented with video clips of Prince that included quotes from Thixotix personnel who actually worked with Prince, and others that were in attendance.

morris day-la2
Models walk the catwalk featuring local fashion designers ‘Chic and Curvy’ in Inglewood
morris day-la6
In all purple, Thixotix Models ‘Dab on em’ showing they have style and current dance moves.
morris day-la1
Morris Day does the Bird and audience members were allowed to come onstage and dance with him

Following the fashion show, Morris Day and The Time kicked off the show with a cover of Prince’s ‘1999’ in rousing fashion.  Just like Prince, the Time played no tracks, but their two keyboardists, guitarist, drummer and bassist created their own sounds live and in person.

Morris Day started off his career in a high school band called Andre’ Simone.  Their guitarist, the legendary Prince Rogers Nelson, went on to become a worldwide sensation bringing several of his band mates along for the ride.  Day, along with others in his band, formed the group that performed alongside of Prince, called The Time and became known for the hits ‘The Bird,’ ‘Jungle Love,’ ‘777-9311,’ and catch phrases such as “What time is it?” and a squawk that has become synonymous with Day’s onstage antics.

Creating dance trends is not new to music, having artists such as 60s Rock and Roll pioneer Chubby Checker and his ‘Twist,’ but creating dance trends that last through the decades and generations is another task all together.  Day and The Time were successful with creating such a dance trend called ‘The Bird’ and his on stage theatrics have become legendary.  From revamping the old James Brown cape skit to insisting that Jerome bring him his mirror, in which he uses the large mirror held by Jerome to style himself mid-show, Day can effectively run a show and keep all the attention on himself.

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The show ended with all the Thixotix models mingling with the crowd and cheering Day and The Time on to do an encore that brought Day out onto the catwalk to greet and mingle with the audience.

Future Thixotix events include a show with Rhythm and Blues crooner Christopher Williams on May 27, an Oscar awards celebration called ‘Full Figured Fashion Week’ on June 20, the ‘Ms. Thix LA Pageant’ in September and their 7th Annual Holiday Event in December.

For more information on Thixotix models, or to get tickets for future Thixotix events, go to

morris day-la7
Morris Day proves he still got the look as he poses in the mirror held by percussionist Jerome Benton during the Thixotix 7th Annual Mother’s Day Extravaganza
morris day-la3
The Time’s guitarist Jellybean Johnson jams alongside of lead singer Morris Day and Bassist Rickey Smith
morris day-la4
Thixotics Modeling Troupe CEO and Founder Tania Capree
morris day-la8
As a final tribute to the Prince, Thixotix Models released purple balloons


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