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Mo’Nique Breaks Down The Rules To Her Open Marriage

*Mo’Nique hit up “Watch What Happens Live” to chat with Andy Cohen about the rules to her open marriage with her husband Sidney Hicks. She also revealed if she would ever work with Lee Daniels again. Get the deets below.

Mo’Nique was joined on the show by her “Almost Christmas” co-stars Gabrielle Union and Omar Epps. While Union shared details about her friendship with Beyonce, Mo’Nique once opened up about her open marriage, which many have questioned how exactly she makes it work. The actress said it all boils down to honesty.

“Let me tell you what the rule is so that everybody is clear,” she said. “The rule is simply honesty. Often times we’re with people where we can’t say ‘this is how I’m feeling.’ And you find out it’s so not about sex, it’s not about can you be with other people. It’s simply about, I won’t take any secrets to my grave and he won’t take any to his.”

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Andy asked if they have any rules about going on vacation with a lover, which she responded, “We don’t go on vacations with anyone other than our family.”

The couple have been happily married for a decade and she credits that to their open marriage. The idea of sharing her hubby was Mo’Nique’s, and there’s no rule with the number of times they can sleep with someone outside of the marriage.

“When we first got into it, it was my idea,” Mo’Nique shared. “When we first had the conversation it was because I was in the mindset of ‘I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer and I want to have it all. So I said, ‘you know what I want an open marriage.’ And he said ‘Mo’Nique, we’ve been friends since the 10th grade. Do you think that’s going to stop us from loving one another? So, it was just being able to have that dialogue to say, ‘Hey, let’s make sure we’re always open and honest.”

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