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Marsha Ambrosius Reveals Abusive Boyfriend Behind Floetry Split

Floetry split

*In an exclusive interview with, Marsha Ambrosius explains why British soul singers Floetry broke up — and it wasn’t over money, music deals or rumored beef issues.

The duo — comprising Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart — formed in 1997 and recorded two studio albums, one live album, and sold over 1.5 million records worldwide. While the childhood friends recently embarked on a reunion tour, the issue at the root cause of the group’s demise has never really been shared–until now.

Ambrosius told that the real reason the group disbanded in 2006 was because of an unhealthy relationship between Stewart and her ex-boyfriend.

“I know what happened. You know what happened. Let’s move on,” she told “But I couldn’t, because if the other person is in a very damaging, abusive relationship and you’re the best friend that’s watching all of this unfold before your eyes… I can’t see you die. I don’t want to be here for that and it’s unfair for me to see you go through this.”

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Ambrosius, who’s expecting her first child with her boyfriend Dez Billups, said all it took for she and Stewart to make up was a phone call.

“We just embraced, tears fell, looked over old photos, brought up old jokes,” she recalled of their December 2014 meet up. “This is my friend. This is the person that I loved.”

In December 2014, Stewart reunited with Ambrosius during Ambrosius’ concert and performed “Floetic” at The Clapham Grand in London. Last year, Stewart confirmed that duo would be touring, and on May 16, 2015, Floetry reunited and performed their first show in nine years at Pepsi Funk Festival in College Park, Georgia.

Head over to to read Marsha Ambrosius’ full interview where she talks about preparing for motherhood, and whether or not another Floetry album is in the works.

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