Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Korryn Gaines Family Seeks $4 Million in Wrongful Death Suit

Korryn Gaines *A witness to the hostile armed standoff that led to a Baltimore cop killing Korryn Gaines last month in front of her child says the tragic event didn’t go down the way cops said it did. Instead, the neighbor told press this week that a cop lost his temper and shot the young mother.

Now, her family is suing the Baltimore County Police & Fire Department for $4 million in a wrongful death suit. According to the BCPD, Korryn barricaded herself in her home and used her child as a shield while pointing a gun at officers and threatening to shoot.

Gaines did not receive the national attention that it deserved because she wasn’t an unarmed black male gunned down by police, and the Black Lives Matter folks didn’t rally the nation to hit the streets in protest of her death. However, her story made worldwide headlines when Facebook pulled the plug on her live video broadcast so viewers couldn’t witness her execution.

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The family’s lawsuit alleges that the officer who killed Gaines, Officer First Class Ruby, did so “out of his own personal frustration rather than any true fear of a threat to him or others.” It also claims the county acted “with deliberate indifference” to her rights.

Police allege that Officer Ruby shot at Gaines after an hours-long standoff because she threatened to kill him and pointed her gun at him. When she fired back, he shot again, they say. However, witness Ramon Coleman said Ruby shot Gaines out of frustration, and not self-defense. The family is suing Baltimore County and Officer Ruby for $2 million each in a wrongful death suit. Coleman told the press that he heard Gaines offer to surrender if the police lowered their guns, but they refused.


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