Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Kim K Ignores North West Again; Serena Educates on Twerking


*Don’t look for Kim Kardashian to be nominated for Mother of the Year anytime soon.

Sandra Rose points to a photo that seemingly shows Mrs. West ignoring her daughter North West as she falls to the ground. The picture, which surfaced Wednesday (04-06-16), also captures a bystander reaching toward North West, who is sprawled out on the ground. Kardashian, meanwhile, is in her own world as she keeps her eyes on her cell phone screen.

(click HERE to see the photo.)

Needless to say, the photo went viral on social media, which gave Kardashian caught major flak.

Turns out the incident is the latest in a series of happenings where Kardashian has displayed a lack of empathy or interest in her own child, according to SandraRose, which noted that the socialite posted an Instagram picture earlier this year that showed North West playing alone in a cramped closet.

Then there’s the criticism last year from folks who let Kardashian have it when a video came out that showed her walking away and leaving her daughter, who was distracted by paparazzi that were stationed outside her Manhattan apartment.

So yeah. The Kardashian haters have something new to be unified over.

serena williams twerking

While they exercise their right to criticize, Serena Williams is exercising her teaching skills in the art of twerking.

Class was in session after Williams took a break during the filming of a commercial for Chase Bank to give fans a quick block of instructions on twerking. According to media sources, Williams looked to be in the middle of doing something when she took it upon herself to get her twerk on for the production crew in a most memorable way.

The tennis fixture’s twerking class is further evidence that the move that started in the interpretative dancing establishment (aka strip club) has truly come a long way from the days where all it took was a strong back, ample backside and a stripper pole to get those dollars and a string of admirers looking for that private dance in the V.I.P. room.

To see Williams instruct on how to twerk, check out the video below:

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