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Khloé K TMI: Socialite Admits She Never Sampled White Penis

Khloe Kardashian*On a recent episode of her talk show “Kocktails With Khloé,” Khloe Kardashian once again decided to overshare details about her sex life by admitting that she’s never sampled white penis – a comment that has left many scratching their heads in bewilderment while saying, ‘Don’t no white man want that swamp. That’s a job ONLY for black dudes.’

While chatting about dating and sex with guest Pauly Shore, the reality star revealed she’s never had a white man in her bed.

“It’s all I know,” she jokes when asked about her history of dating Black men. “I’ve never seen a white penis. So if you want to show me yours, I would like to see it. I’ve never seen one, though.”

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Khloé may or may not be single at the moment. She’s allegedly juggling her drug addict husband Lamar Odom, as well as her on/off lover, NBA player James Harden. There are even reports that she’s hooking up on the side with former boytoy French Montana. Someone on Black Twitter said she has the #HoeGame on lock at the moment, so all others are advised to fall back and take notes.

Peep Khloe’s white penis confession in the video below.

In related news, Dave Chappelle made Caitlyn Jenner the focus of his act during a recent stand-up routine at the Hollywood Palladium, and Kylie Jenner – who was sat in the audience with her boyfriend Tyga – was reportedly not amused.

The legendary funnyman “dedicated nearly seven minutes of his show to roasting Jenner,” per Rolling Out. Chappelle joked about growing up as a kid and seeing Bruce Jenner at the Olympics as a “Superman” who was “beating Africans” at track and field back in the ’70s.

He also said that he had a clue about Bruce transitioning into Caitlyn because he ran into Kanye West and asked him “I said, Kanye … why the long face? And Kanye replied, ‘Man, you’ll see.’ ”

Sources say that the latter joke had the whole venue in tears, including Tyga. However, Kylie wasn’t laughing at all. She remained stone-faced throughout Chappelle’s routine and was observed looking displeased after the show was done and as she was leaving the venue with Tyga.


Girlfriend better get used to the fact that her former father-turned second mother will always be the set-up and punchline of an inappropriate joke.

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