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Keke Palmer Unapologetic About Clapping Back at IG User

keke-palmer*HipHollywood caught up with “Scream Queens” star Keke Palmer and asked her about the clap back that she served one Instagram follower who accused her of being on drugs.

“I don’t, but I like to [respond] sometimes to show people how weird the things they say are,” explained the 22-year-old singer/actress. “Like, girl, if you didn’t know me, or I wasn’t a celebrity, you wouldn’t have even thought to say that. So sometimes I like to just use it as a moment to show people, like, c’mon now, look at yourself, you did something crazy.”

After posting a playful video on Instagram doing one of her “but the gag is” skits, one follower commented, “She’s so wack, and I think she’s on drugs.”

Palmer fired back:

“Come on, fam, You’re old enough to be my mother or a cool aunt and you’re trying to engage with a friend about how much you dislike me on my page. #yikes. Meanwhile, I’m living my life and never knew you even existed ‘till now and won’t remember you past this point, really. That’s the gag. What I will say is just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean that other people are. This is what loving your life looks like, not saying things about people that don’t even know you.”

Palmer did tell us, however, that she still loves the haters, no matter what they say. “Look, you made a fool of yourself, but the gag is, I forgive you.”

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So, how does the outspoken star decide which things are worth fighting for?

“Anytime I speak up on criticism, I usually pick and chose if it gives me the opportunity to make the situation an example,” she tells toofab. “If it’s some silly stuff, I usually won’t reply.”

“But if it’s something where I can bring something to the forefront, like the idea that celebrities are in some way in a different class or different human than someone who’s not a celebrity, if it’s an opportunity to bring that perception to the forefront,” she explains, “Like, hey, you’re saying this, but would you do to somebody wasn’t a celebrity? Would you do think this if someone wasn’t a celebrity and if gives me the opportunity to break that line, then I’ll do it.”

Meanwhile, the Respect My Vote! campaign has announced Palmer as the latest celebrity spokesperson. According to the press release, she will utilize her influence to inspire “change in the community through the power of the vote in both national and local elections.”

“I am excited to be working with Respect My Vote! It honestly gives me the opportunity to not only become more aware myself about the upcoming election, but it also allows me to encourage my peers to understand the importance of it,” stated Palmer. “I have realized that I can either take responsibility for what is going on in the world around me or I do not have the right to complain when things go wrong.”

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