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Keke Palmer and Jesse Ferguson Heat up ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’

Keke Palmer (Peaches in 'Ice Age: Collision Course) rocks her new look at the Crosby Hotel in NYC.
Keke Palmer (Peaches in ‘Ice Age: Collision Course) rocks her new look at the Crosby Hotel in NYC. (MMoore Photo)

Star of stage and screen Keke Palmer is back on July 22nd in “Ice Age.” But this time around she says there are new demands on Peaches. Joining the crew is “Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson as the Shangi Llama. I caught up with the two at the Crosby Hotel. I caught up with the two at the Crosby Hotel in New York City.

It was mentioned in the film that change is hard but necessary. So tell me Keke and Jesse what was one of the most important or hardest changes in your lives?

JESSE TYLER FERGUSON: That was a great question. Marriage for me was a really great change. Not hard, but it was a lovely change, to take that leap with someone. That’s the moment that’s always a marker in my life. There was before marriage and after marriage and I prefer after.

KEKE PALMER: That is awesome [referring to Ferguson’s statement]. For me it would probably be–and clearly I’m still growing and going to always grow—but growing up. Starting out as a child entertainer, so many people want you to remain a child because that’s what they’re comfortable with.

Can you talk about your characters in ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’?

 KP: In the first one it was just such a thrill just to be doing ‘Ice Age.’ This time, I really wanted to expand even more. There’s a lot going on with Peaches. She’s getting ready to get married and she has to let her parents know it’s ok to let her go. I had to really express that emotion through my voice and not just say the words. That was a fun process.

 JTF: Well for me, this is my first time doing an animated movie. I just sort of jumped into the deep end of the pool. I was offered the role I think from people seeing ‘Modern Family.’ It’s tricky knowing where you fit in the puzzle because you are such a segmented thing and you totally sort of live in your own little bubble. Then, you kind of realize, ‘Oh, I’m part of a [great] thing,’ so that was challenging for me.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Shangli Llama) and Keke Palmer (Peaches) talk 'Ice Age' at the Crosby. (MMoore Photo)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Shangi Llama) and Keke Palmer (Peaches) talk ‘Ice Age’ at the Crosby. (MMoore Photo)

Traveling and exploration is a key component in this story and it’s a right of passage in some people’s lives. Have any of you taken any significant trips in your life that were life changing?

KP: Probably when I was living in New York for the four months doing Broadway. That was the most significant change I could tell in myself. I’m so thankful that I used that time wisely because it really gave me the opportunity to learn so much about myself. That was a really cool time for me. Even though my mom was there, she gave me my space and I was able to say, ‘Wow, You’re making a jump, sister.’

 JTF: I just got to go to Cuba, which was really, really interesting. It wasn’t a trip for the weak of heart. We went and we brought Capezio dance shoes to a dance troupe out there. We weren’t just having Mojitos and smoking cigars. We really got to experience the city and see the parts of the city that, I think, are not shown on Instagram and Yelp. That was a huge moment for me to see that beautiful.

Keke, can you talk about music?

KP: I’m working on my music right now. I’m getting ready to put out an EP. I just dropped a new song called ‘Yellow Lights’ and I’m really excited about it. Also, I’m exited about the video. I’m also working on a movie right now so it’s kind of hard. I don’t know why I always do this to myself. I always try to do so many dang-gone things at once, but at the same time I love it. So, hopefully once I’m finished with this movie I’ll be able to go back to Atlanta and finish up the EP and drop it before ‘Scream Queens’ premieres it’s second season.

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