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Did Katherine Jackson Pressure Janet to Have Baby at 50?

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*Hmm, maybe Janet Jackson reportedly having a baby at 50 had something to do with being pressured by her mother?

Could be ’cause according to Page Six, the matriarch of the Jackson clan is said to have put pressure on Janet about having children.

And all this time, we thought Miss Jackson was the one in “Control.”

In any event, an unnamed relative of the family says Katherine Jackson, 86, brought up the subject of babies  last fall with daughter Janet.

“[Katherine Jackson] said to Janet, ‘You cannot afford to wait too much longer. I was already a grandma at your age,’ ” explained the source, who confirmed to Page Six on Wednesday that Jackson is expecting her first child with her 41-year-old billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana.

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The source added that Katherine Jackson, who turned 86 on Wednesday, is “thrilled” that she’ll be a grandmother for the 28th time.

“It would mean that all of her children have given her grandchildren,” the source said.

“She hopes that she can be in the room when Janet gives birth.”

Janet is reportedly between two and three months along in her pregnancy. Last month she posted a video for her fans, announcing she was putting the brakes on her Unbreakable World Tour indefinitely as she and Al Mana started “planning” their family.

The singer has yet to publicly confirm the state of her uterus, but she hasn’t shut down any rumors either.

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