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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: The Most Insincere Apologist…Ever!

steffanie rivers
Steffanie Rivers

*There’s nothing worse than an insincere apologist. You know, the type who never thinks he’s wrong. He justifies all of his shortcomings. He claims all the glory for the successes, yet takes no responsibility for the failures. And when he gets caught saying some of the most offensive terms known against women – in a public setting that proves his cavalier attitude is not just locker room banter, but modus operandi – he offers the ‘If I’ve offended anyone’ apology!

And just in case anyone is inclined to believe that Donald Trump was just playing the alpha male role in the company of a bus load of lower echelons, at least two women have confirmed their experiences to the contrary.

Jennifer Lin said Trump called her the ‘C’ word and said she had s**t for brains during a phone call to Lin’s former editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, because he didn’t like the headline of the article she wrote about his Atlantic City casino business. Another woman, Jill Harth, testified under oath that Trump sexually pursued her in group settings numerous times despite knowing she was in a romantic relationship with a business colleague.

Not only were Trump’s remarks and his behavior a slap in the face of every woman who has been the victim of a sexual assault or has worked in a professional field to show herself more valuable than the sum of her parts, any man with a wife, daughter, sister or mother – so that’s covers every man – should be offended on their behalf.

It makes me wonder what his (former and current) wives and daughters have had to endure at his hand. It makes me wonder what values – or lack thereof – he has instilled in his sons. If Trump was willing to spew such offenses in public, can you imagine what this Neanderthal has said in the privacy of his own home? I shudder the thought!

I know he’s not the first man to say these things and won’t be the last. Despite all that has been revealed about his character, sadly, Trump still will have some people who will support him on election day. He might have lost educated white women voters, but uneducated white men have the right to vote too. Political polls show they are Trump’s largest bloc of supporters; men who – because they only have a high school diploma and earn just above minimum wage – blame college-educated women and traditional minorities for taking their jobs in what Trump calls a rigged system.

This is the same system that allowed Trump to legally claim nearly $ 1 billion in tax deductions that covered him going twenty years forward. Now he wants Americans to trust him with their tax dollars when he hasn’t paid any?! I’m all for legal tax avoidance, but how duplicitous can one man be in thought, word and deed?

If we Americans elect Trump as the leader of our free world – despite all that we know about him and I shudder to think what has yet to be discovered – we deserve whatever consequences come with it.

Steffanie is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas, TX metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries.


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