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Jay Z’s Tidal Sued for Pregnancy Discrimination & Labor Law Violations

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*Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service is already facing a lawsuit from Prince’s estate for allegedly making the late artist’s song’s available without permission — and now the company is being sued by a former employee for pregnancy discrimination and labor laws violations.

Via Billboard:

According to court papers filed Nov. 21, Lisette Paulson, who worked as a label and artist relations consultant at Tidal from March 2015 until September 2015, is suing her former employer claiming her rights were violated after she was denied a private room to pump breast milk and was fired a week later.

Paulson is requesting a jury trial claiming compensation for sex and pregnancy discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of oral contract and violation of the New York Civil Rights Act, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and New York State Labor Law.

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The suit names Tidal, COO Desiree Perez and CFO Joe Burrino, and seeks unspecified damages.

In the court documents, Paulson claims that after having her baby in May, she was allowed maternity leave and the opportunity to work from home before returning as a full-time employee on Sept. 8; a week after coming back to work, Paulson requested a private place to pump breast milk, and Perez suggested using the bathroom, then said she would work it out with human resources. The following day, Burrino allegedly pulled Paulson out of a meeting and fired her.

Discrimination is a tricky business, so Tidal may be settling this case out of court.

In related news, following Kanye West’s reported breakdown earlier this week, Beyonce has been urging Jay to reach out to Ye and repair his friendship with the troubled rapper, according to a new report.

A source has told The Sun that Beyonce, “is urging Jay to let bygones be bygones, and Jay is coming round to the idea and fast as he sees Kanye is in trouble.”


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