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Jay Z: Rapper Will Headline Concert For Clinton Before Election Day

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*Jay Z will headline a concert for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland before Election Day. The event is aimed to motivate young people to vote for Clinton. Thousands are expected to turn up and turn out, and the event is part of an ongoing series of concerts that aim to get young folks to rock the vote the same way they turned out for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

As notes, Jay Z’s event is targeted specifically at young black voters, a demographic that has been reluctant to rally around Clinton, in part, because of racist comments she made about black males in the 1990s and her support of President Bill Clinton’s crime bill. Jay’s support of the presidential candidate comes as a shock for some. In the past, he referenced Clinton on his “Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter” song “NYMP,” saying “I take and rape villages, who gon’ stop him?/Not Rudy Guiliani, not Hillary Rodham.”

One commenter said on social media, “Amazing what kinda high profile support you can get when you aren’t blatantly racist.”

Others have noted the irony of Jay Z performing on behalf of the Democratic Party’s nominee — considering his misogynistic lyrics.

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The rapper previously performed at a rally in Columbus, Ohio with Bruce Springsteen in 2012, in support of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. Former president Bill Clinton was in attendance at Jay’s Made in America music festival in Philadelphia earlier this year.

Jay Z’s Iconic wife Beyonce attended a Clinton fundraiser in New York City in 2015. She has not, however, performed on Clinton’s behalf. Clinton’s campaign has also enlisted help from Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, John Legend and others to engage young voters.

The Jay Z concert will take place November 4; the location has not yet been announced. Sign up for tickets here.


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