Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Jay Z, Damon Dash Win Lawsuit Over Roc-A-Fella Logo

Jay Z (L) and Damon Dash
Jay Z (L) and Damon Dash

*Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and Damon Dash are winners in a lawsuit that accused them of stiffing the individual who created the logo for Roc-A-Fella Records, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The plaintiff, Dwayne Walker Jr., says he met with Dash several times in 1995. At the time, Dash allegedly told Walker of wanting a logo incorporating an “R,” an album and a champagne glass, and upon being asked how much would be charged, Walker responded, “five percent of everything that the logo is on and $3,500.”


Later, Walker hired three others to create the logo and says he came to a handshake deal with Dash in which he would get 2 percent royalties for the next 10 years of use. A formal contract didn’t come, but Walker says he got a brief description of the deal down on paper. He couldn’t produce the original copy in court, however. He relied on memory, according to THR.

The defendants had an entirely different story: that the logo was created by Roc-A-Fella’s art director.

Now, after more than four years in court, U.S. District judge Andrew L. Carter has ruled on summary judgment that Walker hasn’t presented evidence of the existence of a written instrument to create a triable issue of fact. Walker’s own testimony also doesn’t suffice, and in the absence of a written agreement, the supposed oral deal doesn’t overcome New York’s Statute of Frauds, the judge concludes.

The full judgment, which also rejects Walker’s copyright claim as coming too late, may be seen here.

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