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Jagged Edge Member Discusses Assaulting Wife with Steve Harvey

Jagged-Edge-Kyle-Norman and fiancee Marikka Maria*Nearly a year after he was arrested for aggravated assault against his then-fiancée Marikka Maria, Jagged Edge member Kyle Norman finds himself discussing what happened that fateful night to Steve Harvey.

Norman opened up about the assault on Harvey’s daytime talk show as he labeled it an “out-of-body” experience.

“To be honest with you Steve, all I know is that I just caused harm to her,” the singer told Harvey. “I know I hit her. I know I was on top of her. It was an out-body experience. Like, ‘You gotta stop. Whatever you feeling, whatever pain you’re going through, you gotta stop. This is your everything right here. Why are you doing this?’”

Norman’s comments come after the assault on Maria back in January 2015. Police reports reveal that Maria suffered black eyes from the attack as well as a golf-ball sized knot on her forehead, cuts, bruises and a burst blood clot in her eye. In addition, Norman reportedly tried to force Maria’s engagement ring down her throat.

Chatting with Harvey, the entertainer claimed that the night of the assault was an isolated incident. Prior to the attack, Norman stated that he never hit Maria before. The singer went on to provide a personal look while mentioning that his parents, who have been married for 47 years, and are active in their church, raised him.

In his moment of anger, Norman expressed that he wished Maria would have “held” him that night.

“I was just too far gone at that point,” Norman admitted. “I was just out of my mind delirious. And just hurt, pain, neglect. And I felt like I wish she just would’ve held me. And she didn’t, so I felt like my world was against me.”

Upon hearing Norman’s account of what happened, Harvey wasn’t shy about his thoughts as he revealed to Norman that their sit-down was difficult for him as a father.

In addition to Norman, Harvey spoke with Maria about how she was able to forgive Norman for the assault. Although she displayed forgiveness towards Norman, saying that it was “not him” who attacked her, Maria did acknowledge that the violence from the incident with Norman resulted in the loss of their foster daughter, as well as a broken relationship with her own father.

“I also understand too that when you love someone, you believe in God, and you just have to forgive,” Maria told Harvey. “This was just a situation with Kyle that I just knew it was not him. He’s always been a provider for me, he’s always cared for me. And I think he was just out of his mind. Drinking, and drugs and things like that, you’re not yourself.”

By the time the interview was over, Norman relayed the following message to his fans:

I just want my fans to know, I’m Kyle. Kyle made a mistake. But I gotta be able to be a better person. ‘We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.’ I’m human, and whatever I have to do, I’m gonna do. And whatever I have to say, I’m gonna say it to speak out against domestic violence.”

To see Norman and Maria’s appearance on Harvey’s show, check out the video below:


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