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In Mo Shines’ Novel ‘Officer Down’ Black Mother Kills Cop Who Gunned Down Her Son

Officer Down
In Mo Shines’ novel “Officer Down,” a scorned mother hell-bent on bloody vengeance has the entire city on edge.

*In Mo Shines’ novel ” Officer Down “ a  scorned mother hell-bent on bloody vengeance has the entire city on edge. In a tumultuous time when the NYPD is involved in the deaths of several young, black men, Faith Green’s world is shattered when her son becomes yet another casualty.

Enraged by the circumstances surrounding her son’s death, she takes the law into her own hands after the cops responsible get off with a slap on the wrist.

What does the recent police shootings of Black men like Terence Crutcher all across the US have to do with the novel Officer Down by Mo Shines?

Mo Shines’ writing derives from the harsh realities he was exposed to growing up. He’s a former NYC Correction Officer who has been on both sides of the law. Shines says “Officer Down” was inspired “by all the minorities killed by the police – Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell… any of them could’ve been me.

Seems like its open season on Black men. Writing this book helped me release the anger and frustration I feel seeing Black men shot down in cold blood. Growing up in the hood, I’ve stared down the barrels of quite a few overzealous cops. Thanks to God I’m still here.”

The author wants to make his intentions clear, however. He doesn’t want it to seem like he’s endorsing violence against police officers.

“In no way am I telling people to go out and shoot cops. That would only make matters worse. Besides, there are a lot of good cops out there. Then there are the trigger-happy ones. They don’t seem to value human life – Black life.”

Shines states that the theme embedded in Officer Down is “…if you don’t stand for something, you die for nothing. People can only take so much before finally striking back.” Coupling a fast-paced, intense plot with a strong message, Officer Down reaches out to a diverse audience.

Check out the gut-wrenching trailer for “Officer Down,” the movie

 How to get the book:

Officer Down can be ordered as an ebook on for $2.99 –

 Or the paperback: Officer Down (381 pp, ISBN 9780976428817, $14.95)

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