Saturday, June 22, 2024

Hillary Clinton Leaves 911 Ceremony Feeling Overheated; Seen Wobbling (VIDEO) – But Feeling Better Now

*The hearts of supporters of Hillary Clinton are beating faster today upon learning that the Democratic presidential candidate suddenly left the 9/11 memorial services in New York City after apparently feeling ill Sunday morning, according to NBC and other sources.

Fox News says law enforcement sources say the Democratic Presidential candidate had some sort of “medical episode” and left abruptly in a van. Also, according to Fox, a witness claims Clinton fainted, her knees buckled and she lost a shoe as she was helped in the vehicle. You can see it in the video above.

A statement from her campaign said: “Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen. During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.”

Clinton was seen leaving the memorial early, around 9:30 a.m. ET and, in the immediate aftermath of the departure, aides didn’t answer questions about her whereabouts.

That led to speculation about her health — especially in the wake of a persistent references about possible medical issues she may have by rival presidential candidate Donald Trump and his surrogates.

Clinton was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment on the lower east side, sources confirmed to NBC News.

Clinton however did emerge from her daughter’s building about two hours later, walking on her own, and waved at the gathered crowds, saying, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Asked if she was “feeling better?” Clinton said, “Yes, thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, Trump, who was also at the memorial earlier was asked about the incident as he left a fire station in lower Manhattan, simply said “I don’t know anything about it.”


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