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Hillary Clinton to Address Police Brutality at NAACP Convention

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

*In an attempt to gain more favor among African American voters, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will speak to the NAACP national convention in Cincinnati as the Republican National Convention is getting underway in Cleveland. Clinton will use her platform to specifically address the issue of police violence and the African American community, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

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The nation’s oldest civil rights organization has its convention July 16-20. Clinton is scheduled to speak July 18. The organization says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has also been invited to speak. However, he will be in Ohio for the July 18-21 party convention.

The organization expects thousands of members to take part in this year’s 107th annual convention, under the theme “Our Lives Matter, Our Votes Count.”

The engagement follows the police-killings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and the alleged sniper-killing of five Dallas police officers last week.

NAACP members have previously spoken out about their disapproval over acquittals or failures to charge police officers who assassinate unarmed African Americans.

“In these violent and horrifying times, when a new generation is waking to call for police accountability, economic and educational equality and protecting the right to vote for all people, this election marks a significant moral moment for America,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell Williams Brooks. “We look forward to hearing Secretary Clinton’s priorities and plan to advance our issues of social justice.”

NAACP chairman Roslyn M. Brock said she was excited that the former Secretary of State will be speaking.

“She will have the opportunity to address a gathering of dedicated activists and advocates from across the nation and we are proud to offer a chance for the candidates to speak about the major issues affecting civil rights today,” said Brock.


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