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Heroic Woman Takes A Bullet, As Uber Driver Randomly Fires Shots Killing Six

tiana carruthers
Tiana Carruthers

*A Kalamazoo, Michigan mother paid attention to her intuition and in the process saved the lives of two children and countless others who happened to be in a park when a man pulled up in a Chevrolet and opened fire over the weekend.

Using her body as a shield to protect 12-year-old Joi Coleman and her sister, Megan, Tiana Carruthers was the first of six victims shot by Jason Dalton, an Uber driver who randomly targeted people and then opened fire.

Fortunately, Carruthers, who was shot multiple times but is alive and doing better after several surgeries, was able to give the authorities a good description of the shooter; who she identified from a police lineup and said he was driving a silver sport-utility vehicle, according to Kalamazoo County sheriff’ Detective Sgt. William Sparrow.

Sparrow said Dalton’s vehicle was involved in a crash after leaving the Meadows Township at the intersection of Gull Road and East G. Avenue, where it sideswiped another vehicle.

Joi, who had reportedly been holding Carruthers’ hand in the parking lot of the Meadows Townhomes when the gunman allegedly began shooting, said that the Uber driver had first asked the woman, “Have you seen Mazie?”

Coleman said Dalton shot Carruthers right after she asked him, “Is there something I can do for you? Can I help you?

“He shot her once and she was still running and then he shot her again and she fell. She was saying ‘Joi, help me. Joi, help me,’” Coleman said, according to WWMT. “I knew I was going to get shot too, he didn’t stop shooting,” she adds.

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