Saturday, June 15, 2024

Fox’s ’24: Legacy’ Trailer Reaches 7M Facebook Views in First 24 Hours (Watch)

Corey Hawkins in "24: Legacy"
Corey Hawkins in “24: Legacy”

*If views of the trailer are any indication of the hit potential for Fox’s reboot of “24,” then things are looking up for Corey Hawkins, who takes on his biggest role since playing Dr. Dre in Universal’s “Straight Outta Compton.”

The 45-second trailer for “24: Legacy” reached 7 million views on Facebook in the 24 hours since its online release Tuesday, according to Variety.  Moments before, the trailer made its televised debut during the first game of the World Series.

The action-packed promo features Hawkins in a new race against the clock to stop a terrorist attack on American soil.

Fox has given the premiere of “24: Legacy” its coveted post-Super Bowl slot on Sunday, Feb. 5. The two-night premiere continues on Monday, Feb. 6.

Watch the promo below:

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