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Famous Faces You May Not Know Were in ‘Star Trek’

*Are you a Trekkie? Do you dream of Idris Elba taking you in his spaceship coupe? Either way, “Star Trek Beyond” hits theaters today, July 22, nationwide.

In all of the excitement for the release of the latest installment to this global franchise, take  a look through space and time at some familiar famous faces you may or may not have known contributed to the franchise as well:


Vanessa Williams (Arandis) – 1983 Miss America history-maker, singer and actress, starred as Arandis in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Let He Who Is Without Sin”


Iman (Martia) – The world-renowned supermodel icon starred as the tintalating villain, Martia, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Her character was the yellow-eyed vixen who was an imprisoned Chameloid involved in a plot to kill Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy.


Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) – With a career that has sustained multiple decades, Whoopi played Guinan, the mysterious bartender who ran Ten Forward aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. Her character was valued for her wisdom and had numerous appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as films.


Alfre Woodard (Lily Sloane) – The phenomenal actress starred as Lily Sloane in the 1996 film, Star Trek: First Contact. Woodard’s character was a 21st Century human who worked to build Earth’s first warp-capable spaceship called The Phoenix.


James Avery (General K’Vagh) – Known for his infamous role as Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the beloved late actor guest-starred on two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise as the Klingon General K’Vagh.

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LeVar Burton (Georgi La Forge) – Most know his from his role on PBS’s Reading Rainbow teaching young viewers how to read, Burton also portrayed the character Geordi La Forge, Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer of the Enterprise-D in all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and its four feature films.


Tyler Perry (Admiral Richard Barnett) – Entertainment Mogul, Tyler Perry, made his first onscreen debut in a feature film that he didn’t write or produce himself, as Admiral Richard Barnett, as the head of the Starfleet Academy Board in 2258 featured in 2009’s Star Trek.

Check out the Star Trek Beyon trailer below and make sure head to theaters tomorrow!

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