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Faizon Love Says Katt Williams Needs to ‘Come Out the Closet’ (Watch)

Faizon Love appears on The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Faizon Love appears on The Tom Joyner Morning Show (Aug. 25, 2016)

*Faizon Love has been claiming for a while that his rival Katt Williams is secretly gay, and that his refusal to come out of the closet is at the root of the troubled comedian’s repeated arrests.

“He’s sick. He’s something else. If he just came out of that ‘thang’ and be who he is … Come out of the closet. Know what I’m sayin’? Hit Peachtree like a real one,” Faizon said on V103’s Wanda Smith Show in Atlanta earlier this month. “He came to Atlanta for a reason. Just come out and say it, it’s all good.

“Look at Caitlyn Jenner, just do that. I just think that a homosexual man who doesn’t want to say he’s homosexual, you start taking it out on women…trying to fight kids at soccer matches…I mean who socks a kid…(Referring to Katt) I am homosexual but I can’t say it.”

Love, who has been in a beef with Williams, was asked if he knew this for a fact.

“Oh yes, yes, yes…He could have a new TV show on A&E or Bravo, ‘The Katt’s Tongue’ or something. Just imagine if him and Caitlyn Jenner did the show together. I’m telling you facts. There’s something on the internet where he trapped a little boy,” he added.

Referring to Williams’ fight with a Georgia teen in March, Love said: “I did not see him struggling too hard with that boy wrestling. He went down kind of easy, I’m just saying. I tell the truth.”

Below, love makes his allegations against Katt and explains the origin of their beef:

Love made the allegations again Thursday (Aug. 25) on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, when the subject of Katt’s recent “outbursts” came up.

“I think these burst outs [sic] come from when a gay man doesn’t want to just be gay,” he said. “He’s beating these women up. He knows his boundaries… In Hollywood, you can play those games.”

Tom Joyner asked, “Did you just say Katt Williams is gay?”

“Yes. It’s not an accusation,” said Love. “You guys see it but you don’t want to see it. It’s like with ‘Woo, woo, woo’,” Love joked, referring to the late Luther Vandross.

Watch below:

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