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EUR Book Review: ‘Little Professor Skye – Favorite Things’

*It has been proven time and time again that a positive father’s presence can be an attribute in a child’s life. Often in today’s society, that relationship is taken for granted and is rarely illustrated.

Media titan Munson Steed chose to focus on the connection (show the positive impact) that can exist between a father and child, in his book series, “”

munson steed and daughter
Munson Steed with his God-daughter, Skye

Based on his God-daughter, Skye, Munson Steed created the main character of the children’s book to be a precocious 7-year-old that grasps her developmental cues from her innovative dad. The special bond that exists between the two is displayed throughout and allows the reader(s) to encounter the affirmations and lessons shared between parent and child.

“Our goal is to invite children to see themselves through a lens that adds to their intellectual consideration and set career and cultural goal,” states Munson Steed.

Set in a highly technological environment, the author deemed it necessary to provide a foundation that would cultivate an atmosphere of innovation from the basis of science, math and creativity. This can be seen from the opening of the story demonstrated by the father’s lab, where the invention of the robot, Cutie Pie, occurs to the lessons that Skye shares reveals their meaningful connection. The other theme that resonates from the beginning to the end is creativity based on a foundation of science, math and art. In the beginning, the dad is working in his lab on his robot that can do anything it is taught, placing an importance on learning. This approach reinforces the message that anything you dream can be a reality, if you do the work.

little professor skye (favorite things)

“Dreams are to be nurtured and the best way to do that is to provide the building blocks to make they become a reality,” Steed said.

The book brings to life a menagerie of characters, through skillful writing and the vivid illustrations of artist Kareem Kenyada, that forge flight in young imaginations.

Little Professor Skye’s Favorite Things
Written by Munson Steed
Illustrated by Kareem Kenyada


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