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Entrepreneur Creates Trafek Online Market to Circulate Black Dollars

fabian scott, trafek
Fabian Scott, Founder of Trafek

*Patronizing the Black community businesses is a great way of supporting Black entrepreneurs. The way of doing this is to find a way of spending on Black businesses.

That’s why Fabian Scott, 28 years old, Black entrepreneur from the Washington, D.C. area decided to create an online marketplace ( designed for Black-owned businesses. Fabian comments, “This goes a long way to empower and strengthen our voice in any society.”

Fabian spent long days and nights developing the website on his own. Trafek is a marketplace and directory for black owned businesses in which visitors can choose to buy or sell products. Local businesses also have the option to be listed in the business directory on the website.

It is well optimized for locating goods and services of your liking. People often complain that there are not enough black owned businesses. You will find all you’ve been looking for and more at Trafek. There are no sign-up fees or fees to list products.

“It was developed by the Black for the Black, so we understand ourselves and what we need. We left no stone unturned in its creation. Browse through our categories and see for yourself. Stop worrying of shops to patronize and enjoy your independence of choice,” Fabian mentioned.

Trafek isn’t the first site to offer this type of service.

“If businesses gave up just because of the competition then our economy would be in the grave right now. There would be no jobs, no money, and poverty everywhere. Never give up on a dream or idea you have just because of competition.

This same principle should apply to all businesses.” Fabian mentioned.

Trafek offers its services all around the world. The seller chooses weather or not to sell in certain parts of the world. “We are global,” Fabian added.

Ignorance is the worst enemy that is fighting the black community. “A lot of us are completely ignorant of ways of enhancing our chances in a community. We all seem oblivious of what is going on and join everybody else to contribute to our harsh existence. Most of the time us blacks spend our money making others rich instead of our own community. We must focus on being independent rather than a dependent,” Fabian said.

It is observed that the Black purchasing power can be in excess of $1.1 trillion. This is true but the bitter truth is that the money is not circulated in the black community. This money is randomly strawn about. Black purchasing power is a real power than can be harnessed to alleviate the condition of the Black community. With that kind of Black buying power, one would logically think that owning a Black business would be a cash cow.

According to Fabian, “The trillions of dollars in Black buying power only last about 6 hours in the community before finding its way into electronics, utilities, groceries and footwear, unlike other communities where it lasts from 7 to 28 days. These purchases aren’t helping us out as the economic state of a community is largely dependent on the amount of money being spent on its local businesses.

In order to help ourselves and our community, we must consciously make effort to put money back into our community. Financial literacy is what is crucial here because if we know and engage in investing our earnings as well as savings on the Black businesses, it will go a long way to promote our economic growth.”

Trafek is seeking more sellers to sign up and upload products on the web site before it officially launches onNovember 1st.

For more information or to help support Trafek, visit Visit them on social media @Trafekbiz (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Email them at [email protected]. Donations are accepted at






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