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Ellen Pompeo Calls for Boycott of A&E Over Upcoming Docuseries ‘Generation KKK’

Ellen Pompeo, daughter Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery and music producer Chris Ivery -- shown at the inaugural Children Mending Hearts Style Sunday event in June 2013 -- are now a family of four. (John Sciulli / Getty Images)
Ellen Pompeo, daughter Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery and husband Chris Ivery

*The star of “Grey’s Anatomy” is outraged over A&E’s decision to air the documentary series “Generation KKK” and has called on viewers to boycott the cable network.

As previously reported, A&E embedded cameras with the Ku Klux Klan over the last year in an effort to facilitate a dialogue between a handful of its leaders and members of their family who want out of the hate group.

Subjects include an “Imperial Wizard” trying to recruit his daughter into the Klan, an Iraq war veteran indoctrinating his four-year-old son with racist rhetoric and a fifth-generation Klan family trying to recruit a close family friend. There are no obscured faces or changed names, as has been traditional when the group appears in film and TV — members of the KKK who participated gave full permission.

The eight episode series is scheduled to premiere January 10, but not if actress Ellen Pompeo can help it.

“Shame on you @AETV,” the “Grey’s Anatomy” star tweeted. “Hey I have an idea…why don’t we all never watch ANYTHING on A&E again who’s with me???? maybe @AETV you should just run episodes of @GreysABC instead… we are smarter more compassionate and oh yeah way better looking.”

She continued, “So I guess A&E stands for …we will try to put Anything and Everything on tv… because we are a bunch of desperate pathetic tv execs.” She then referred to Donald Trump’s victory, “We shouldn’t be giving ignorance a platform we already did that this year and look what it got us.”

She added: “The timing of this show angers me the most they are capitalizing on a disgusting wave that Trump started and media is normalizing NOT OK.”

For the record, the production company behind the show, This Is Just A Test (TIJAT), went to A&E with the idea over a year ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, the series includes members of One People’s Project, an anti-hate activism group that uses reformed hate-group members to speak with the Klan families about changing their ways.

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