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Dr. Dre: Woman Alleges Music Mogul Beat Her While Pregnant

"Straight Outta Compton"

*“Original Gangstas” author Ben Westhoff appeared on the “Murder Master Music Show,” where he dropped a bombshell about researching through court records and uncovering a 30-year-old court document that implicates Dr.Dre in beating the mother of his children, even while pregnant. Ben also said he tracked down the mother, Lisa Johnson, and her story hasn’t changed — it remains consistent with the court documents.

Listen to highlights from the interview via the Youtube clips below:

In the video above, Westhoff says: In a nutshell I think it was pretty accurate (Michel’e Biopic Surviving Compton). It’s funny, it’s kind of like a compliment to Straight Outta Compton because those two together will give you an overall big picture in alot of ways. Straight Outta Compton does have anything about Dr. Dre’s abuse of women. There are four women who have accused Dr, Dre of beating them up. I discovered one for my book who has never been talked about before. She is the Mother of 3 children of Dr. Dre’s, her name is Lisa Johnson and she says he beat her a bunch of times in the 80s when they were together including when she was pregnant, and I able to find court documents to back this up and I also found a witness who was her Aunt. I searched through the court records, I found complaints from 1984 and 1985 and it was a joint complaint alleging Dre wasn’t paying child support and it was a request for a restraining order and Lisa Johnson alleged that he beat her on a number of occasions. It was granted by the Judge, he was never charged criminally but the Judge ordered him to pay child support and to stay away from her. I tracked Lisa Johnson down and it wasn’t easy but she told me the stories all over again 30 years later and they really lined up and I talked to her Aunt so to my mind this is a very credible claim.

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Dr. Dre

In the clip below, Westhoff speaks about Dre’s lawyer threatening to sue over the abuse allegations, his portrayal in “Straight Outta Compton,” and his “alleged” abusive relationship with Michel’le.

That is what she claims and that is in the movie too. That is really he said vs she said. Dr. Dre’s lawyer threatened they would sue her about that movie, his lawyer also threatened us too and said “We’re gonna read this book immediately, and we’re gonna come down on you” , and they had no comment about whether this stuff actually ever happened. They didn’t come down on me and they didn’t come down on the makers of this film. It’s hard to prove a negative, it’s hard for him to prove this stuff didn’t happen. At the same time for example f the stuff in my book was false I think I would be in court right now. I didn’t put anything in the book that was heresy, if it was someone alleging Dre’s abuse I wrote that it was alleged, if it was in court I said that a judge ruled on it. We were really careful! I try to give Dre the benefit of the doubt as well. For example Dr. Dre’s Mother accused Dr. Dre’s Father of beating her when Dr. Dre was real little so it is quite possible that Dre grew up in a household where domestic abuse was happening. That doesn’t excuse domestic behavior on his own part if that is what happened but at the same time it presents a bigger picture.

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