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Don’t Shoot: It’s Not Just President Obama’s Character That’s Come Under Fire

president obama*Congratulations, President Barack Obama. You’ve become a target.

Views on our Commander-in-chief are divided. Those heavily in favor still revel in his successful campaigns for the Oval Office. They complement his steadfast demeanor in the face of adversity. They support his decisions and policies while celebrating highlights of his presidency as time ticks closer to its end.

While these well-wishers congest Obama’s social timelines with praises, those persons in disagreement, those who find our President the most unfavorable are there also, and they’re calling for his public demise. They’ve weaponized. Their intent is to attack. It’s difficult to evade their line of fire. I’ve tried.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was elected the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, the first time a “Black” man was front-runner for any major political party. He went on to serve as our United States President for 2 controversial terms. I’m not ashamed to admit I contributed to his landmark victories. While reflecting on his historical significance a battle rages on for how he’ll be remembered.

Pictures last the longest. Stills of Obama will likely grace the covers of Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Time, among others, each one recounting and recapping his time in office. No matter the quality of printers used to produce these publications, they’ll have no effect on his image. The American people decide for themselves if his resolution’s have been high or low.

Distributors will deliver Obama’s likeness to newsstands and magazine racks until well-after his term concludes. The more places his likeness appears the more dangerous it becomes.

This includes television appearances, which have already increased. I enjoyed Obama’s sit-down conversation on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. While listening to them banter I was reminded he has a nice speaking voice.

His tone exudes leadership quality – I’m talking an iconic, signature leadership tone. When Obama speaks I’m reminded of Optimus Prime, Autobot leader on cartoon series and motion picture Transformers. Although Obama’s no alien android who can camouflage himself by morphing into an eighteen-wheel semi-truck, like Prime a leadership matrix is lodged in his chest. To me its America’s heart.

In Transformers: The Movie, my all-time favorite film, a dying Optimus Prime passes the leadership matrix to an experienced comrade he feels should lead in his place. The recipient, a convenient successor, initially refuses it and then begrudgingly accepts. But the matrix has another in mind. It’s not until the film’s climax the matrix reveals its choice. With their world is in dire need the unlikely Autobot retrieves the matrix from where it was dropped during an epic battle, and is accepted as its new host.

obama & hillary

Obama’s epic battle with former First Lady Hillary Clinton was no movie, though it became animated at times. The same can be said of his duels with John McCain and Mitt Romney. Some felt he handled those well, some didn’t.

America, now in dire need, finds Obama attempting to pass his Matrix to a convenient Clinton. Not too long ago she announced she didn’t want it. That changed.

Donald Trump wants it too.

Some would say there is no such thing as a clean fight. So I’m not surprised Trump is fighting dirty for America’s heart. Many feel he’s the rightful holder, and that Obama dropped it on the ground.

Many felt former President George W. Bush dropped it. Hillary reached for it, though it wasn’t meant for her. The heart of America had another in mind.

In the climax an unlikely candidate in Obama picked it up and was accepted – partially.

He grabbed it, clutched it to his chest. He embraced the heart of America. Then Obama did something seeming noble yet unpopular with it: He graciously gave it to the American people but wanted to help them clean it.

It was blemished by a war in the Middle East, a healthcare system some felt could be improved, incredible national debt, mass unemployment; a failing stock market, auto industry, and educational system, and a tarnished global reputation. He made ambitious attempts to buff those out. Some handed him fresh cloths, others kicked dirt.


Not everyone was okay with his acceptance or generosity – the reason they’re loading weapons right now. They await every opportunity to shoot President Obama down.

Make no mistake about it either: Obama has been shot before, just not with as many weapons at once as he’s enduring in the twilight of his tenure.

When I say ‘weapons’ I’m not referring to silenced handguns, sniper rifles, or even pulsar cannons. I’m not implying I fear Obama will be assassinated by gunfire, shot down with bullets. Barack Obama is being attacked by words, weapons of public opinion and media targeting. Words can hurt. They’ve red-dotted his character. Some want him assassinated.

They’ve had nearly 8 years to build their arsenal. The past several weeks were more intense. Obama was lashed for his reaction to the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. He was battered for his sentiments at a funeral for 5 slain Dallas police officers With the recent heightened racial tension and social discomfort in our country, the intentions of our “Black president,” “the first African-American…” “The first Black…” has inquired a raise in scrutiny. When are we going to stop doing this? I think we the people could look at these “firsts” differently.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, not Africa. He’s just an American. And his skin is tan not Black. Maybe I’m being too technical.


How about this then: Obama’s mother was White, his father Black. Mixing Blue and Yellow doesn’t result in Blue. This is an issue seldom addressed in our country’s need to separate its human inhabitants by color.

Obama is one of those people who happen to be “something else.” When prompted to select a race or ethnic group on applications he could select “Other.” My father’s father was Ojibwa, his wife Black. My light-skinned mother’s great, great grandfather was a White man. When faced with selecting a racial class or ethnic group, I could rightfully select “Other.”

Barack Obama’s class is a racial mixture. To me, his very being as our county’s leader is a symbol of unity.

Sadly, his ethnicity is one of many reasons he’s been targeted. He’s set in their sights. They’ve locked on his flaws. Weak points in his past and present will be hit with pinpoint accuracy. His personal life and career are watched through a laser scope.

You think Obama’s been shot enough already? I don’t think you’ve seen anything yet!

I urge you – Don’t shoot. Whether you find President Obama favorable or unfavorable, those congesting his social timelines are the ones taking the most hits. His attackers and defenders always turn their attention to one another. In the eyes of the world we all contribute to our country’s reputation.

More than ever I think we Americans need to unite on a positive front. Our country is in dire need. Regardless of whether you want to use your vote for Clinton or Trump, leave the mud on the ground. We’ve involved ourselves in enough dirt-thrown conflict. Some of our personal and financial struggles are war.

For this 2016 presidential election let’s give being positive a try.

We’ll call it target practice.

mr joe walker
Mr. Joe Walker

Known as “The Word Heavyweight Champion,” Mr. Joe Walker has been a biographer, entertainment journalist, and columnist for 18 years; his acclaimed, award-winning work has been published thousands of times regionally, nationally, internationally, and online for numerous publications including, Kalamazoo Gazette, and Nation Magazine. Walker’s currently writing for EURweb, Concrete Magazine’s,, and Hood Illustrated Magazine. Like him on Facebook, follow on Twitter @mrjoewalker, and visit his official blog.

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