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Denzel Washington Visited Fans’ Homes (in Pittsburgh) While Shooting ‘Fences’

'The Magnificent Seven' Photocall - 73rd Venice Film Festival

*Denzel Washington surprised quite a few residents in Pittsburgh by paying them a visit while he was in the city shooting “Fences.”

Washington and the cast chatted with an audience in DC at the National Museum of African-American History + Culture about how he passed the time while spending three months in Pittsburgh shooting the movie, per The The celebrity news site was on the scene when Denzel dished on his shenanigans while filming around the home of the late original “Fences” playwright August Wilson.

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Denzel, Pauletta Washington and Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed

Denzel revealed that while they filmed in the real-life neighborhood of The Hill, he made random visits to locals to thank them for allowing the production to shoot in their neighborhood.

When Washington stopped by one lucky young lady’s house, she told him that her aunt was upset because he hadn’t been to her house yet. So, Denzel decided to stop by the aunt’s home, only for the wheelchair-bound woman to refuse to let him in because she wasn’t wearing her wig.

After she dolled up, she let him inside her home and went into monetary fangirl mode before calming down long enough to engage in a normal conversation with the Hollywood hunk.

“She was asking me to do stuff [around the house] like, go fetch that box for me,” he said.

When Denzel was asked what he wanted people to take away from “Fences,” he responded, “It depends on what you bring to it.”

“Fences” arrives in theaters Christmas Day.


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