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Customer Responds With Love After Waitress Calls Her the N-Word on Snapchat (Watch)

Chelsea Mayes
Chelsea Mayes

*A black Tennessee woman has gone viral for her love-filled response to being called the N-word on Snapchat by her white waitress — who has since been fired.

Chelsea Mayes and four of her friends hit up the restaurant Cheddar’s in Murfreesboro after church last Sunday and thought she had a friendly rapport with their server, according to Mayes’ Facebook post.

But later that Sunday, she got a text from a friend saying, “Have you seen this?”

The attached image was a Snapchat pic of her Cheddar’s waitress along with the caption, “I am so hungover. And I have a section full of ni***rs right now.”

“It was just shocking,” the 22-year-old told Daily News Journal. “It was hurtful.”

Mayes took to Facebook with a response titled “racism still lives.” Although admitting that she was initially upset, saying, “If this had been Chelsea a couple year ago, Cheddars would have been slipped upside down,” Mayes chose instead to address the hate with love.

“This “ni***r’ is pretty nice. This ‘ni***r’ actually enjoyed your company. This ‘ni***r’ is praying for you. This ‘ni***r’ loves you, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” she concluded her post.

See Mayes’ FB post below:


The server was fired as soon as management learned of the post.

“We, ourselves, were shocked and offended after learning one of our servers had posted comments on social media that were hurtful and derogatory,” said Lee Greer, president of Mint Julep Restaurant Management Group Inc. and owner/operator of Cheddar’s Murfreesboro. “This type of behavior will never be tolerated in our restaurants. The server was immediately suspended and ultimately terminated after our internal investigation.”

Mayes, currently working toward a degree in business administration while holding down two jobs, spoke about the four friends with her that day, Bryce Holmes, Denzel and Montel Epperson, and Nitra Kent. Holmes has a master’s degree, Denzel Epperson is about to graduate from TSU, Montel Epperson is an MTSU graduate, and Kent is about to be an MTSU graduate.

“We are people who contribute to society,” Mayes told the Daily News Journal.

Watch a Daily News story on Mayes below:

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